The ethos of RSG was built before the club…


It’s hard to miss the stream of posts and headlines surrounding gymnastics at the moment, and it certainly makes for difficult reading.

It’s incredibly upsetting to hear what these gymnasts, ex-gymnasts and parents have to say about their experiences in the sport that we love. For our founder, these difficult reminders hit a little too close to home.


The ethos of RSG was built before the club. Before anything else, our club would always be about the gymnasts, and that is due to personal experience of elite level gymnastics by Sophie, and her unrelenting drive to take gymnastics culture in a different direction. 

We have always taken pride in ensuring that any child who walks through our doors to take part in this wonderful sport – at any level – is encouraged to do their very best, rather than be the best. Gymnastics is a perfect sport for building resilience and promoting self-confidence from recreational level through to competitive streams and we plan all of our sessions with consideration of every level of gymnast.


We emphatically believe that athlete-centred coaching, with wellbeing at the forefront, will still build well-rounded, high level gymnasts. Training to be a gymnast is incredibly hard work, there is no doubting that, but we want to demonstrate to the gymnastics community that results can be achieved through respectful, healthy coaching.


Our top priority when bringing coaches into our club is that they are able to show us that they share our spirit and thought processes. We invest time in mentoring our coaches to be able to feel they have the tools that they need to motivate and inspire children positively and successfully.


It is vitally important for all of our team that as parents you are able to trust our club to do the very best for your gymnast. Our goal is to help all young people who come to Ready Steady Gymnastics to fall in love with the sport, and reap the many social, physical and wide-ranging benefits of being involved with gymnastics.

Positive change is still needed within our sport, and we are proud that since 2015 we have never wavered from that as our main focus. 

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