Ready Steady Gymnastics in Coventry… Where Children learn, play and explore through Gymnastics

Founded in 2015 we pride ourselves in getting children fit, active and introduced to Gymnastics as early as walking!

Physical Development is a key aspect in your child’s development and getting them active now can have a lasting effect in years to come…

Our coaches come from being competitive Gymnast’s and or Dancers and studying in University either in sport science or early years education. We all have passion for child development and empowering children to do their best rather than be the best which makes us completely unique to anything else on the market!

In addition all of our training is done through British Gymnastics the governing body for Gymnastics in the UK so you know your child is learning from the best.

We understand that children learn best through play so our sessions are filled with fun, exciting and fundamental skills for Gymnastics.

With new experiences each week and skills to learn and achieve your child will be eager to attend Ready Steady Gymnastics.

Ready Steady Gymnastics has already seen hundreds of children progress in all areas of their development and we hope you stick around and watch your child progress to!


Where parents &
children work together.
From: £6.25 per session


Learn the fundamentals
of Gymnastics.
From: £6.25 per session


Improving learning
outcomes for children.
From: £5 per child per session